In your life, there are countless times where a single decision or moment changes the trajectory for the next few years or even decades. If we’re not careful, these moments are only obvious after the fact because hindsight is 20/20. But what if we knew we were in a season of life when one of these moments is happening? Would we take charge of that moment to aim our trajectory or would we just let the chips fall wherever they land?

Entering 9th grade is one of those moments. The transition from middle school into high school is one of the most formative times for a young adult. The friends, the classes, the experiences - all the little pieces that are falling into place right here - will affect so many parts of the picture that is formed throughout high school and into adulthood.

REengage is a retreat designed for 9th graders to capture these moments, to purposefully point them in the right direction, and to seek the God that has designed our lives. Is your 9th grader ready to REengage?

Let’s answer the big questions: When, Where, Who, How much.

WHEN: Saturday, August 24th - Sunday, August 25th

We will be leaving CW Saturday at 9am and will be returning to CW for parent pick up Sunday at 5pm.

WHERE: Crystal Beach

We will be staying in a beach cabin in Crystal Beach for the one night retreat.

WHO: 9th grade students

REengage is open to any 9th grade students, but space is LIMITED. First come, first serve.

HOW MUCH: Regular price - $55 (If registered before 8/12, receive an Early-Bird price of $40)

This registration fee covers EVERYTHING. The cabin, the transportation, five meals, and a trip to Topgolf in Webster, TX.

Scholarships are available to help with all CW Student events. We never want money to be the only reason you miss out.


A pillow; a sleeping bag or blanket; any daily medications in their original container in a ziploc bag; toiletries, appropriate swim gear, bible, pen, notebook.


No phones; no drugs; no aliens; no weapons; no alcohol; no chinchillas; no tobacco; no vape devices; absolutely no bad attitudes. All these items will be confiscated if brought. If the item is illegal, parents will be coming to confiscate the child that brought them.


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The best way to stay in the know for 2019 REengage is to sign up for text updates: