KICKSTART is where it all begins! If you’re into books, your favorite book has an amazing first chapter. If movies are your speed, the first ten minutes has you hooked every time it comes on. Think about your favorite TV show: doesn’t the first season set everything up for the rest of the show?

KICKSTART is kinda like that. But instead of this being a Netflix series, this is the beginning of teenagerdom. This is where incoming 6th graders are adopted into the Student Ministry and begin a journey that ends in adulthood. Are you ready to KICKSTART!?!?

Let’s answer the big questions: When, Where, Who, How much.

WHEN: Friday, August 16th - Saturday, August 17th*

*everyone that signs up to attend Kickstart will be invited to join fellow 6th graders in 2 pre-Kickstart gatherings with older students leading small group discussion. It’s totally optional but is going to be so, so rich as our older teens invest in those coming up. Be watching for more information to be shared through the group text system. Info about text messages below.


The Kickstart retreat will be an overnight retreat that stays at CW.

WHO: Students entering 6th grade.

If you (or your kid) is a few weeks away from entering 6th grade, this is for you (or him or her).

HOW MUCH: $15*

This will cover all the meals.

*We will WAIVE the $15 registration fee if your 6th grader attends at least one of the pre-Kickstart gatherings. It’s a great chance to save a few bucks and hit the nitro button on building those relationships early.

Scholarships are available to help with all CW Student events. We never want money to be the only reason you miss out.


A pillow; a sleeping bag or blanket; any daily medications in their original container in a ziploc bag; toiletries.


No phones; no drugs; no aliens; no weapons; no alcohol; no chinchillas; no tobacco; no vape devices; absolutely no bad attitudes. All these items will be confiscated if brought. If the item is illegal, parents will be coming to confiscate the child that brought them.


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The best way to stay in the know for 2019 Kickstart is to sign up for text updates: